Thursday, October 12, 2006

me: 40% open

so, dharma and anyone else paying attention: yes, i was a little more open last night, at the shindig. that's why i bumped up my score 2 points. :-D

maybe it would've been more, but a) the event was so packed that it was hard to make small talk and b) not long after i got there, the started announcements and awards. so, a lot of listening going on.

but, i did talk briefly with a couple folks, and more importantly, met the woman who invited me. so i put in face time with the right person. :-)

incidentally i thought the event was (afterwards) at some kind of queer sports museum. well i'm checking again today and no, it was just a queer history museum, which is still cool, obviously. apparently right now they are running a sports exhibit and it was very nifty if small.

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Dharma said...

Go Heather! At least a 2 point increase.