Friday, October 20, 2006


i really have a knack for detecting stale chocolate. the first time this was brought to my attention was a few weeks ago, when liz offered me some chocolate-covered nutter butters.

that i promptly spit out and lightning-bolted the rest to the garbage, once i realized they were stale.

today, for the first time in eons, probably because i am in the midst of MHP (which is doing much better the last few months, thank you, thanks to a little medicine called yaz), i broke down and got some candy from the vending machine. when i vend i usually get something like m&m's because it feels like it lasts longer. there's so many of them!

but no, today i decided to go with a milky way. and with the first bite, i knew - STALE, STALE, STALE.

apparently my craving trumps the staleness, today, because i ate most of it. however: bleh.

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