Tuesday, October 10, 2006

in case you wondered

yes, min really did leave on her trip. not on sunday like planned, but monday...in the evening! i know, surprised me too. her 2 day trip is now 2.5 days. or should be -- theoretically she's staying near phoenix tonight, and the first "stop" on her trip is tucson.

so am i living the life of a carefree bachelorette? hardly. but, i did have fun tonight by going roller skating. once again, i came home exhausted but happy. however i'm happy to report there were NO falls - go me!

tomorrow i have an event to go to that could lead to an interesting job for me. anyone reading before tomorrow night - send me your social butterfly mojo! if you've met me in person, you know i need it. to paraphrase liz, once i get to know someone, then it's a matter of getting me to shut up. but i need to unlock that door a little early tomorrow. hopefully i will bring the key with me.


Dharma said...

Oh, I thought this was going to be a very extended trip. Either way I am happy she didn't bag. Happy you went out on your own.

As for as the thing tonight. You always have the key with you. It goes back to that open thang.

heather said...

actually she is going to be gone about 6 weeks -- tucscon is just the first layover. :)

re: key, yeah, i just hope i remember to use it!

Dharma said...

So did you use it?