Saturday, December 09, 2006

la bella luna

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i've never considered myself to be ruled by moons rising in cancer, or whatever happens to be appropriate for my astrological chart.

however, i have always been completely captivated by the moon. when i see it, my breath catches. harvest moons put me all a dither. and if i'm Driving While Moon Is Present (as this picture encapsulates) then it takes all my concentration to avoid an accident, because i just can't take my eyes off of her.

it's just a big rock, you could say. no atmosphere, trees, glittering neon lights. what's the big deal?

i think part of it is the archeologist in me. what happened there a million years ago? why are there only remnants of lakes? these and other questions beguile me.

but more than that is the promise. the promise of the future, that one day we will explore the heavens. not just with mechanical devices, but humans, out there, gallavanting among the nebulae, discovering the wonder that is our universe. the promise of even more beauty and knowledge at our finger tips.

i get to see that promise almost every night, and it's a little intoxicating.

thanks to WWdN for finally getting me to write a bit about this love affair.

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Samantha said...

I do not get the Wil thang but if it got you writing, it's a good thing.