Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sir Frisk-a-lot

Sir Frisk-a-lot

we have a new and possibly permanent member of our household: senor frisky. and in case you wondered, he lives up to his name quite well, thank you. the reason we have him is sad - he was min's mother's cat. they tried to place him with tucson relatives but didn't go well. however, pearl and frisky get along *swimmingly*. watch them go!

right now frisky's camped in the bathroom, acclimating and enjoying all forms of toilet paper. plus unfortunately my dolce is a little ill...some kind of infection in her hindquarters...going to the vet monday, but i'm trying to be careful about them sharing space til dolce gets cleared. meantime dolce is claiming her space verbally. step off, bitch!

so, yeah, min got home a few days ago. i'm really really glad she's home. how's that for being writerly? yeah whatever, i'm exhausted. this is MHP week AND it's been insane at work. TGI(70MinuetsFrom)Friday! bring on the weekend, bring on the sleeps!


Wyatt's Mom said...

I meant to leave this comment yesterday. Blame it on the "pretty, shiney" moment.

He his such a beautiful cat, can't wait to meet him!

heather said...

yes, i'm sure he would love to meet you too! i get the impression he wants to meet everyone. :-D