Saturday, December 02, 2006

word geek extraordinaire

today i was browsing presurfer, which - true to its subtitle - is often diverting on a daily basis, and came across the surprisingly addictive wordie.

the concept is so simple it borders on boring: make a list of words. words you adore, despise, etc.

i thought, what the hell, i'll check it out. so i'm browsing the homepage, enjoying beautiful, complex words, words that sound funny, when i stumbled onto kleptocracy. someone made that up, right? but no! and, how awesome that word is! does it not describe almost every goverment on the planet?

at this point i was officially hooked. i added a few words, but really all i had to do was keep refreshing the homepage and someone had posted, or made me think of, a word i adored in some way. there's an rss feed for new words and i can tell i'll be geeking out left and right.

btw if you want to see what words amuse or move me, here's my list. 52 words are enough for now, because i've really spent too much time there today already. :-o


Wyatt's Mom said...

Ooh! I love the word kismet. I think it's fate that I read your blog today ;)

So another time sucking page to divert all my good intentions of cleaning my office. Thanks Heather!

heather said...

that's what i'm saying! i didn't mean to be sitting at my computer for almost 2 hours!


Dharma said...

What? Corn isn't on your list? Heresy (one of my favorite words). Though I expected to find mahogany and cacophony. Just proving how well I read your blog. {taking a bow now}

heather said...

i like corn. really. but the word corn, well, it leaves something to be desired. like butter and salt.

heresy is great, i like heretical better. thanks for the idea!

and kudos on the mahogany, but especially cacophony, since i hadn't used that one yet. ;-)

Kelly said...

Ooh, what a great link for word junkies!

wen said...

oh, i love it! i have some of the same favorites, and will have to make a list of my own. it'd be cool if you could just check off "add to my favorites" and have them add to your own list so ;)

heather said...

there is an add to your list (your words) option too! so you can favorite or list really quick. :-)