Thursday, December 07, 2006

thank you

to everyone who sent condolances on min's mom. so very sweet. min is now en route to tucson, but in a vehicle rather than a plane. she lost her wallet near the end of her Great Escapade and thus only has a temporary replacement license. they won't let you fly with those (requires a passport or other ID that she doesn't have).

so, with a little scrilla from her sister wilma, we turned in one rental car and got another for her next expodition. amazingly even that was fraught with technical hijinks but i'm too annoyed over the whole thing to write it out. end result: new car. fine.

had considered going with her (and pearl, who loves the car so of course went with min) but i needed to stay here today and tomorrow. for everyone who sent me good vibery, danke schon, i think it helped! hopefully it'll carry over to tomorrow's adventures in richmond. when i think richmond, i pretty much think of their oil refineries. if anyone has recs for good but cheap dinner up yonder, gimme a holler! i'm sure i will be peckish afterwards.

tonight i was at the stanford mall, getting some dinner and blithely looking for christmas presents. i have decided i don't really care for that mall anymore. it has some decent restaurants for a mall, i'll give you that. but the rest is pretty much upscale, predominately bland yuppie. midrange, moderately bland yuppie, i'm used to and usually it includes some unusual places as well. and i remember more of that the last time i went - admittedly, a good 5 years ago or so. i was hoping to stumble onto some excellent gift ideas but no luck. ah well. Ye Olde Internet, don't fail me now!


Dharma said...

Glad things worked out all around, albeit with some hassle. That does happens. Ha you used scrilla. As to dinner in Richmond, hm. Gotta thing about it. Where exactly as that makes a difference, and truthfully I'm more acquainted for El Cerrito options.

heather said...

i'll take el cerrito! or anywhere between richmond and san jose, that whole corridor. :-)

Kelly said...

I wish I could help you with restaurants, Heather. The East and South Bays are a mystery to me. (Can you say provincial native San Franciscan?!)

wen said...

You can go down to Bay Street in Emeryville; they have PF Changs, Elephant Bar, Askew (yummy skewers! mm mm good!), Pasta Pom, a noodle bowl place (Zao?), a California Pizza Kitchen and more. They also have some mall-type shops but it's all outdoors.

I believe you'll get off at the Powell St. exit from 80, but check it.

heather said...

hah, i went there a few weeks ago. thanks for the reminder. ;-)