Friday, April 13, 2007

cheesed off

i came across the most perfect quiz. please witness:
You Are a Chocolate Cheesecake

Rich and greedy, you're attracted to the dark side of life.
Nothing ever quite satisfies your inner beast. And somehow, people find that sexy.

as a bonafide cheese lover, any quiz that asks 'How do you feel about cheese in general?' is a good quiz in my book. but i was quite torn at this one:
Your sense of humor is:
* Eclectic
* Sarcastic
* Weird
* Wild
* Goofy
* Sexy
i can rule out 'wild' right off the bat. as far as percentages go, i can rule out weird, sexy and eclectic. i can be, and often am, all those things, but not as frequently as what's left: sarcastic and goofy.

due to my love of mocking, i ultimately settled on sarcastic, but damn.

other random stuff from this week:
* clearcase sucks ass
* that non-vexing sleep thing? doing better.
* i have had this and this playing nonstop. and no i do not have to be at the computer to continue the nonstopness.
* i got contacted (via IM) today, out of the blue, by a female fan of nelson.

and why? because we are both on a writing list. against my better judgment i said she could email me a story she was working on, and i'd give her feedback on it when i had time. FIVE MINUTES LATER she IM'd me again to ask if i'd read it. hi, i told you the first time, i'm at work.

as to the story itself, let's just say, i have no interest in stories with lines like 'The straps are for your protection'. redundant commas and adjectives aside, the story was thankfully rather short.

i think the lesson here is that if, when talking to a writer about their work, you ask, 'oh, have you had anything published then?' and they reply, 'oh, i couldn't be published!', then you really should just move on.

ok yep, sarcastic -- correct answer!


Dharma said...

Oh my. Now I would say I could never be published but you willingly and regularly (well as regularly as I post) read my shit.

Sense of humour, damn too many choices. I got classic NY, big surprise, huh?
"Simple and sweet, you are a smooth operator.
You can get along with anyone ... though after a bit of time, you're too much to handle!"

Not sure what I think of that response.

heather said...

i thought you had something published when you were younger? anyway, even if you feel that way, i would be surprised if, after regaling me with all the genres you write in, that your first response would be to say you couldn't be published. a prolific person usually has that in mind, at least, and this seemed to be far off her radar.

hah! on the cheesecake. certainly fits in terms of locale!

gs said...

=='oh, have you had anything published then?' and they reply, 'oh, i couldn't be published!'==

Hmmm. What if they just say "No," or "Not yet"?

I once had a piece accepted for publication, but then it got cut. I did get a $50 kill fee out of it. How close does that come? Just wondering :)

I hear what you're saying about reading other's stories. Usually they're so bad you wonder to yourself, "Critique? Where do I even start?" :)

heather said...

now see, that's fine greg. at least to me =) because it means they at least have the self confidence to think that they could be published. as opposed to thinking, 'what self-respecting publisher would want my stuff?' which was the feeling i got.

i think that's great about your piece, maybe you can shop it around to someone else! shows that it has at least *some* merit. ;-)