Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Club Velour - Buttery Duck Night Tonight!!!

this just in!
Want to shake some booty with the ladeez? Don't go to Velvet - that's for losers and non-disabled gestalt lovers. Come to Oakland's Club Velour where leadership is mixed and so are the drinks! Every night is ladeez night because no one likes The Man, not even The Man Who Helps Keep This Place In Bidness. But pay no attention to him, the Negress will have him out the door soon.

Speaking of which, you can't get butter from a duck, but at Club Velour you can try. You've been dreaming of it, now Buttery Duck Night is here! Ladeez, water fowl, butter and butter substitutes will be slip slidin' away tonight to a torrent of non-stop, pseudo-masculine energy beats!

Go Faux. Go Velour!
all i can say is, it amazes me how worked up people can get over a club.

also, apologies to those of you who already saw this, but i know there are some sappho readers on here who hadn't, and this seemed a fun one to share here. we can't have snowflake complaining about the lack of posts from her readers. ;-)

and now in the original (at least, not created by me dept), i bring your attention to the plight of gnomes without homes. a very serious business!

finally, in case you hadn't guessed, those spells of nothingness at work i thought i'd get to have? LIES. or at least, they were shamefully short-lived. ugh. is it friday yet?


Jennie said...

Oh, crap! Lies? This will not do. Spells of Nothingness, appear!

heather said...

now that sounds like a very useful spell to have in one's arsenal! i'll have to look into that one.

snarfdog said...

I wonder if I can send my weeds and dirt clods to go join their gnome friends. It would definitely improve my yard.

heather said...

hey great idea. i have dirt and weeds i can get rid of!

Dharma said...

Miz King cracks me up. I may have missed this one, so thanks!

heather said...

oh no, this was mine! but i am inspired by the negress, tis true.