Sunday, April 22, 2007

survey says?

for various reasons i keep my writing blog private. first there's copyright. i plan to use these ideas for story development later. thanks to blogger, private blogs are not indexed in google, so my secrets are safe.

second, i often dream about people i know, but in odd ways. normal, and i can plead the 5th, but still. these dreams are often quite fascinating and so of course i write them down.

however, sometimes i amuse or surprise myself so much that i really find it hard not to share. and after yet another wild one last night, i have decided to let there be a vote. to wit, some headlines from my writing blog:
  1. flirting, burgers and cults
  2. RVs and temples
  3. ashes to ashes
  4. star trek, islands and pretzels
  5. g'gate
  6. jungle life
  7. jeopardy, spywork and the elevator of death
  8. off the beaten track
  9. smackdown, ahoy!
if you are interested in reading one of these crazy escapades my brain has come up with, please vote via comments.

note: most of these represent multiple dreams in the same night. so if 'flirting, burgers and cults' wins, i would only post one of the dreams from that entry. if you want to vote for a sub-entry (e.g., cults) feel free. and of course, these have been vetted for 3rd party references. =)


snarfdog said...

Oh man, and I liked the flirting, burgers, and cult one. It doesn't seem quite as much fun if we only get one. How about one sentence from each sort of like a Madlib?

gs said...

I'm torn. "Flirting, burgers and cults" has sex appeal, while "ashes to ashes" strikes a chord with my Catholic upbringing. Sex and Catholicism -- how's that for dichotomy?

Rashenbo said...

Lol, that's an interesting idea :)

Kelly said...

I'm with gs for the same reasons.

heather said...

you guys crack me up! the ashes one actually has nothing to do with religion but it is an interesting one (i think). maybe depending on the rest of the votes, i will post that and the cults one.

Dharma said...

(blogger ate my comment!!)

rvs and temples!
It is true that "flirting, burgers, and cults" have appeal. Ashes to ashes, hm, I like that one to but never thought about the catholicism connection. Brought to mind nursery rhymes, forest fires, and maybe cigarettes. Hm, I may have revealed a whole lot about me, which is in contradiction to this post which was to reveal more about Queen H. Hrumph.

heather said...

dude, you made me snort. nice work.

Dharma said...

happy to be of service!