Sunday, April 08, 2007

so i don't seem quite so neurotic

today we had a really great day. looked for a great place to see a classy easter concert (think symphony) but no luck. so we made our own easter celebration by getting Whatever We Wanted at whole foods for a picnic lunch, which we then took to henry cowell over in felton.

incidentally i am sad to report that the a&w that used to be on hwy 9 is now a chinese restaurant. i like chinese, but a&w! dying breed.

anyway, we had a great time. yum yum yummy food followed by a walk among the redwoods and along the river. pearl loooves being in nature, maybe as much as i do, and so a couple of times we would run ahead and then run back to min. because if you're outside, hello, you have to run sometimes because you're so happy.

later there was carrot cake and toffee crunch (!) cookies. i'll try to flickr the couple pics i took today. those of you who've seen my recent shots will know that they look best in the thumbnail view. click to see blurry versions! but still, it lets me remember the moment, so i'm grateful for the geek appliance just the same.

at home tonight there was puttering followed by a very tasty dinner involving one of my favorite vegetables while watching some dr. katz on dvd. hot damn that show is still funny.

ok 'night, intarweb.


Dharma said...

One of my favorite veggies too! Love love love 'em. Toss with some olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper, roast at about 350 degree. Fabu! If the mojo is working the tips get kinda crunchy and carmelized. {drool}

heather said...

roasted! well i shall have to try that, thank you! i've only ever had steamed and boiled, which is better than it sounds. usually with some...nutmeg on them (sorry, i don't usually do the flavoring). anyway...mmmmmmm.

gs said...

Grilled is good, too. Soak them in water first, so they don't get too dry. They'll get lines, just like BK burgers (showing my age :).

heather said...

oh that sounds tasty too!