Sunday, April 15, 2007


in planning yesterday's forays outside the home, min mentioned she might like to see a movie. while i finished puttering, she browsed the internet to this end. and in the end, the only good thing she came up with was topper at the stanford theatre.

now topper is a fun little movie and i do love me some cary grant. back when i used to drool over men, i had this poster of him from north by northwest on my wall.

but we weren't crazy about the times for it, so i sat down to look as well. and after a few moments i said, 'oh, man! star trek 2 the wrath of khan is playing at the del mar, but at midnight!'

min instantly surprised me by suggesting we could go out, run our errands, come home for a nap, and then go to the movie. i laughed. because, yeah right! come midnight -- let alone 3 am, which would be the earliest we'd get home -- our asses are in bed. maybe not long for mine, but she'd have been down for hours.

i went to get dressed. i couldn't stop thinking about it. star trek! on the big screen! Fun! Prizes! Montalban! i said as much and min repeated her napping suggestion.

and i am very happy to report she actually made it! she has been having a real hard time with her teeth and stomach lately, so i really thought the movie wasn't going to happen. we got there a few minutes late and thus missed getting tickets for the drawing (see: Prizes!), but what was really awesome was who won: a young boy in a star trek (TNG) uniform. he was so happy and adorable. one of his prizes was a foam khan-esque muscle suit. heh.

oh and the movie, much fun. apart from the movie itself, it's been a while since i've been to anything fannish, and really enjoyed the extra giggles and cheers at some of the cooler...and campier...elements of the show that trek fans appreciate. anyway, not a bad way to spend a saturday night. :)


gs said...

Oh my. I saw Khan on the big screen... when it was first released. Showing my age. :)

Dharma said...

Sounds like a blast. Glad you two made it.