Tuesday, April 10, 2007

it has been a hectic week

and it is not over yet. yes, that's right kids. at least for another 40~ minutes, today is only tuesday. sheesh.

remember how i said this whole bug czar thing does not actually involve much downtime? what i failed to mention is that in a weird way, i actually like that. i like being busy (that part was not news), but i also like being a point person. coordinating shit. getting up in people's bidness if they're not meeting my corporate standards of excellence.

what i'm not crazy about is working late night after night resolving the many issues that arise. yes, it all lets me sit by the sunny window of Code Abatement, and i'm still thrilled over that. but i also have a deep, sustaining love of sleep.

my love of sleep is like a vast ocean, with perfect little white noise waves. my love of sleep is like the world's largest cheese wheel -- soft, carefully tended and with a dutch heritage. finally, my love of sleep requires dedication and commitment, and quite frankly i'm letting down my end of the deal lately. thank the heavens for sugar and caffiene though.

at any rate -- sleep, i intend to be true to you, my love. as a token of my affection, shortly i will lay my head upon the Downy Pillows of Slumbering. and as my eyes close, they will be filled with visions that do not involve work or anything remotely vexing. i said no vexing! for sleep is my mistress and she can no longer be denied.

make it so!

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Dharma said...

LOL. I do love my sleep as well. Perhaps too well...