Wednesday, April 04, 2007

these dreams

as some of you may recall, many moons ago i started a writing blog for myself, to keep track of the little writing snippets my brain decided to come up with. and yes i put it that way because often the scenes will come to me, as they say, inexplicably and without method.

for example, waiting in my car at a stoplight, the smell of someone smoking the same brand of cigarettes as my paternal grandmother will send a rush of half-baked memories and ideas into my head. thankfully i was only a block from my destination at the time so i could scribble furiously in short order.

incidentally i wish i *knew* the name of my grandmother's cigarettes, i'll have to ask my dad about that one.

but the real outbursts of creativity are my dreams. for example, last night involved:
  • a paramecium-shaped tablet (and yes i had to doublecheck the spelling. i started transcribing my dreams at 645am!)
  • writing a very funny story on aforementioned tablet
  • calculus
  • pseudo-calculus
  • coworkers who did not understand either calculi (the horror!)
  • driving in nighttime rain with crazy people
  • driving at sunrise, with emma thompson batting her eyes
sadly the eye-batting was not for me, i was just watching her talk with someone else, but it was still a lovely thing to behold.

those are the highlights of what i remembered enough to write down. i also had a vague recollection of being at an airport trying to find a boarding pass, and running onto the plane at nighttime, but that's all i've got there.

anyway, when i first started the writing blog, i was insanely prolific. dreams, random scribblings all the time! then, i suppose quite naturally, it waned. i've still managed to post each month since i started, bothers me that i'm not writing as much. or at least it was bothering me quite a bit until i realized that a) it's been insane at work for a while and b) when i'm not at work i'm pretty damn busy with the work of job hunting, freelance and i don't know, the usual chores and errands that fill up our lives.

so i decided to give myself a break. until i get into a better place work-wise, i'm off the hook. if i write, excellent! if i don't, hey that's ok too.

and at least for today, i get an excellent. any night that involves writing a funny story, rain dancing and emma thompson is alright in my book. especially if i get to write about it the next day.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

The dream with Emma Thompson requires some deep analysis!

heather said...

nah, she's just swoon material. end of story! ;-)

Dharma said...

I am having a similar drought. I hope it passes soon. Both blog and school. And knitting. And exercise.