Friday, June 30, 2006

friday fiver

...on the same friday, no less! i have clearwaste, the best application of ALL TIME, to thank. oh and thanks wen. :-)

Five games you played as a kid.
Hide and seek. You know, you count, close your eyes, and then run around for a half hour chasing each other.

mad libs. have spent oodles of time playing it in the car. i still looooooooove this game. and i am sure it taught me, at least in part, my love of all things wordy. favorite moment is when our family actually made up a star trek mad lib story and a character was ordered to "lower your shields or we'll squat on your sheep".

checkers. because i always won, duh. being the older sister has its advantages.

backwards! man, i just remembered this after thinking, what else did i play? my sister and i, for obvious reasons, called it "sdrawkcab". excellent for budding word nerds.

can't stop. i had so much fun remembering the last one that i thought some more, and remembered this. it looks dumb but for some reason was strangely compelling. i mean, we couldn't. stop.

Five people you know (or knew) and the food you associate with them.
mom. i'll go with coffee cake, but since she's my mom, there are so many potential foods. she makes the best damn coffee cake ever.

min. lasagna. and this is the delectable, 30-cheese lasagna that she made for me during our first year. ain't ever gonna live that one down.

liz. i'm going to pick toffee crack, since she was such a demon for introducing it to me.

my sis. macNcheese, because we shared it so often while watching perry mason and andy griffith

my dad. potato scrambles. he makes super ones with lots of veggies and spices.

Five things you don't own/have on hand that most people probably do.
a real credit card. only got a debit card (and that's enough, thanks).

sleeping bag. want to get one tho. i also want:

a tent. i want to go camping again sometime.

gym membership. i mean, if you're not going to go, why bother?

i don't know, makeup? at least for girls and drag queens this is common i'd imagine.

Five pet peeves.
spelling errors. can i have that count more than once?

grammar errors. but i'm willing to let some things slide because, well, i like to play with words.


stupidity. too bad i'm good at that. :-p

republican presidents. ok i was running out of peeves, but that's a good one, no?

Five people who taught you important things (you need not know them).
parents. again stealing from wen, but that's too good, especially since it counts for 2.

grandma m.


the instructor of my bible history class at belmont. sorry i don't remember your name, guy, but i remember your dog's name was erasmus! kind of hard to forget that.

And 5 people (or a higher multiple of 5) that you're tagging for this meme:
That assumes I have 5 readers…hmmm…
Dork/Amberger Hamburger
Princess (and that counts for two)


wen said...

OMG! MadLibs were THE BEST. I loved them (still do). It was so bad that I'd make up my own templates in school and pass a list of the blants to my best friend, who would fill them in and send them back. I'd write them into the blanks and pass her back the finished version.

I wonder why we didn't get in more trouble for it, but I guess you really can't fault a budding word nerd for asking her friend for a list of adverbs and adjectives and transitive verbs. :)

heather said...

heh. good one.

Mir said...

Awww...I count for two? And I am the worst blogger/commenter ever! I do love them Mad Libs tho. And I put in lots o' grammar mispelings just for you! OX - Princess

heather said...

actually, in the words of yoda, there is another (princess). but you'll always be Princess I. :-D