Friday, April 14, 2006

by the way

anyone listening out there, if you're entertaining judgmental thoughts, things that you think might border on assvice...bring it. i'm not afraid of debate, and i certainly consider myself a work in progress.

and to those of you who've already shared such thoughts privately, thank you. maybe i didn't agree with you, maybe i did. either way i'm happy to have friends who care enough to be honest with me. :-)


snarfdog said...

I'm entertaining judgemental thoughts - they're coming over for cocktails next Thursday. Shall I say, "Hi" for you?

heather said...

yes, and light a candle for me!

Liz said...

So what you're saying is "don't judge."

heather said...

actually i'm saying, judge all you want. just don't expect me to agree with you. or think that a difference of opinion...worded nicely... is a problem.

OTOH maybe that's just another way to say "don't judge". that is a popular sentiment!