Monday, April 24, 2006

thank you, ClearWaste

for yet another morning where i have to wait to work because of you.

last week was hectic at work, and this week looks to be the same. so it was nice to have a quiet weekend. i had the bright idea to try to get a last-minute hotel room down near monterey, but fate was not on our side. or at least not in our checkbook - despite a couple hours of scouring the internet, i couldn't find a cheap but nice room.

so midday saturday we decided instead to go bowling and have dinner using coupons from the entertainment book. why not try someplace new and save money? but on the way up, min started to get very ill so we had to turn around. at home we cuddled on the couch a bit i think. i definitely remember watching my date with drew which was a LOT funnier than i expected. if you like reality tv/documentaries and watching a dork go for a dream, check it out.

sunday we tried again for bowling. min started to get sick again but forged ahead and felt better a little later. we figured out there was something in the air (we went near a construction site) that was affecting her breathing. very odd! so we went a different way home later. anyway, we finally made it to our coupon-friendly bowling center, which was bigger than i expected. i think it had 60 lanes. we got there around 1pm so it wasn't very busy which was nice.

it had been 10+ years since min or i bowled so our games were pretty uneven. but we didn't care, we had a blast! there were some technical difficulties with the lane and we got comped an extra half hour. everyone there was pretty nice and the food at the little cafe was pretty good! both agreed we want to do that again soon, but probably somewhere closer to home. altho we'll probably go up there again too because hah, we didn't even use the coupon. they had a special on early sundays that beat our coupon price.

anyway afterwards min was hungry and we started looking for somewhere to get her a bite. i don't think we ever got her an actual snack but we did end up shopping at a little asian market and got many noodles, sauces, and fresh veggies for later consumption. we came home, perched with pearl on the couch and watched the rest of bloodwork, which we'd rented on netflix. and yeah, if you haven't seen that, don't bother.

ok clearwaste is done wasting my time for the moment. hope those of you still listening had a good weekend as well. :-)

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