Thursday, April 13, 2006

for the love of mammon

it's tempting to start my recapping with the most recent future since it's fresh (like me), but i want to back up a bit and bitch about $ and permanent disability, which min is applying for.

the process for permanent disability sucks. a LOT. mostly because you can't be earning any money while you're waiting for approval, and approval generally runs from 6 months (best case scenario) to over 2 years. that's right, YEARS.

so, when we found out that min's short term disability was ending rather abruptly (bout 3 weeks ago now), we went into a bit of a panic. because min made almost as much on disability as she did when she got paid. which naturally had us assuming that with that much money going away indefinitely, we were probably going to have to move to a cheaper place, cut back on all extraneous spending, and even then, still *hope* that we were going to have enough money.

well, that's where panic gets you. rational planning and analysis brings great things like peace of mind and the realization that you actually *do* have money for fun! granted, a LOT less than you did before, but that plus not having to move or get a roommate…well, that's just heavenly.

what's funny is that around this time, my parents - who had been at my uncle's place in oregon for about a week - were having major drama with my uncle and seriously considering leaving. but since they have even less fundus than we do, they weren't really sure what was next. then this disability crisis for us and we thought, wow, we could get my parents to move in and pay rent. that would help them AND us at the same time!

now i'm sure you're thinking, are you loco?? and i have to admit, some part of me thought i was too. but at the time (pre-rational analysis) i was desperate. so i called my mom. or tried, but she wouldn't pick up. fine, voicemail. she didn't call the next day. so i tried again - voicemail. another two days go by. now i'm starting to get worried. i try my sister - disconnected. brother in law - disconnected. some other numbers i forget - disconnected. i tried my mom again - finally i got her! made my offer, and wouldn't you know it but things were going a lot better up there in orygone. so she had to think about it.

a couple days later she called and declined. thankfully i'd done my rational analysis inbetween and figured out that we didn't really need a roommate anymore. THANK GOD. i have no desire to go back to those days at all, least of all with my parents who i'd just spent 3 months trying to get rid of. oh, we would've set down rules, expectations, etc, like for a regular roommate…but i know my parents. and me. it would've been tough to stick to them.

the week min's disability ended we'd been scheduled to go see a therapist to work on our communication problems (almost 10 years in the making!). when that happened, we talked about it but realized we needed to postpone til we had more mammon from on high. now that we're ok in the fundal department, i'm happy to report that we have a new date and i really hope that goes well. because the issues, we have them aplenty to process and discuss.

and the issues (at least the ones leading to the fiesta earlier this week), well i'll leave that for next time, maybe the few next times, because i think my ClearCaseWaste delivery's almost done and i need to get out of here. meantime i'm just….

bubbles, enjoying the old tyme religion theme

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