Thursday, April 20, 2006

the truth is out there

apparently it's out there, because min and i have been going out a lot the last week or so. and the truth is that i am a lot happier. i think min is too, at least in some ways. in other ways i know she is sadder. i'm sorry that that's the case, but i'm hoping that's just short term as we're making things better.

so, since last monday: we've gone to bingo twice - and i won once! good cheap fun. last night was an anniversary of something so there was free cake. and OMG click on that bingo link and check out the shot of people playing. last night i sat next to the dyke with blonde hair, and the guy next to her in the polo shirt, he was across from me! wow. i mean, the woman looked like a veteran what with her 10 bazillion daubers. the amount in the pic - that has to be half of what she has now.

ok also this last weeked was a blast. saturday we went to el pollo loco for lunch, which i haven't been to in years. pretty good! and then we went to nickel city and won ourselves some candy, erasers, and a cute little clock for only $10 in tickets. also min got a cool tshirt and me two awesome glasses (one is about great tasting beaver, i will have to get a pic soon) at a head shop.

sunday…oh we went to mimi's cafĂ© for a very late lunch then saw inside man, which was interesting but not stellar. did have the very sleek looking jodie foster in it though, and other good actors as well.

and in between and around all of this there has been an amazing amount of closeness. sure, there's been more processing and crying too. that's natural as we're trying to sort out where we are and where we're going (but also waiting for some things til we get to the therapist in a couple weeks). but meantime….man. let's just say that i have had several very excellent mornings in a row, including today. making me not even care that i'm having to wait on clearwaste (again) before i can do my work. FlagBouncingBubblesEnabled.

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