Thursday, May 10, 2007

amberger hamburger

my sister (formerly amber, then katie, now jessi, and yes i'm still adjusting) has the same blood condition as my dad. for most of her adult life she hasn't had insurance and so hasn't had the scrilla for things like hematologists and fancypants medications.

thankfully the world provides a cheap partial substitute for the last item, by way of aspirin. normally my sister takes aspirin on a daily basis and this helps keep her levels in check.

apparently i forgot to blog about this, but my sister and her clan recently moved from oregon to arizona. en route, they and their Very Pregnant Cat stayed here for a few days. was supposed to be one night only but with wheedling, free dinners and star trek we kept them here a few days. well, that and their Very Pregnant Cat decided to have a medical emergency. she ended up being fine, but when she had her babies a few days later in phoenix, 2 of the 5 died.

with all this excitement my sister forgot to take her aspirin for a few weeks. couple that with some long stretches of driving and you can see why she formed a nasty blood clot in her leg. she texted me from the emergency room 2 nights ago to say so, then updated me later to say she'd been admitted.

i tried to call her a couple times yesterday but couldn't get through. i wasn't crazy worried but on the other hand, it's the first time she's had to be admitted for this, and as her Dork (me Dork, she Booger, story long) i was naturally riddled with panicky questions resulting from a lack of information.

last night i was telling min about all this when lo and behold! my sister calls. thanks to the miracle of science and fancypants medicine, they were able to dissolve the clot in less than one full day. she was calling me from home, where she was already being pampered by her testosterone clan. once we made sure everything was fine, got the whole story, there was much silliness.

which really is what i would expect from someone i used to talk with in fake german accents all day long. oh, and sing along to the radio (wind beneath my wings?), all as a chicken. oh, and write letters to each other only using movie/tv quotes. oh, and practice sign language in the back of the car so mom and dad wouldn't know we were being snarky.

i love my sister. could you tell?


Dharma said...

Yes I can, and how nice to have those memories and shared history. I have often longed for such a relationship.

heather said...

it's true, i feel very lucky to have had such a (mostly) great time growing up with her.

cvc said...

You two sistahs are lucky to have each other!!