Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and now, the god alien man relationship

dear internet,

i just wanted to thank you for bringing up this when i did a search on 'fire brimstone smite'. because internet, you just made me love you a little more. my heart, it goes asplode.



gs said...

The link doesn't work :(

heather said...

it works for me. weird, you must be blocked for that url or something!

if you can't get to it, trust me it is a most excellent synthesis of alien conspiracy theory and christianity.

wen said...


gs said...

It works now. It must have been down temporarily.

And, um, thanks! I think.... :)

snarfdog said...

And it gives me a headache. Maybe you should offer them your services to clean up their website. ;) It claims it was redesigned for easy access. I'm wondering what it looked like before.

heather said...

i'm sorry, i can't improve upon perfection. but thanks for thinking of me!