Wednesday, May 09, 2007


for posting another quiz but thanks to jennie, i've found one that lets you - yes, you - modify my results.

right now i'm a leopard whose primary characteristics are modest, inquisitive, fickle, spontaneous and shy. that's (apparently) what i think of me. but what do you think?

you have 11 days to use your clicking powers to reshape me.

i know it's just a quiz, but from a sociological perspective i find this process potentially fascinating. i think if people were more honest (well, honest and gentle) with interpersonal feedback, over time we would grow into a much wiser, intuitive and productive society. granted, this is assuming the best of people, but considering my usual snarkiness, i'm entitled to the occasional utopian whim.


Jennie said...

Hey, bully for you, my answers didn't change your daemon at all! Well done.

(have you read the books? they're terrific)

heather said...

i haven't but plan to at some point, the whole thing looks very interesting.

snarfdog said...

Ok, I answered and it came back with, "Judging by your response your friends Daemon is a good match."

heather said...

i believe the same thing happened when i did yours. nice work, us!