Sunday, May 13, 2007


here's a great prompt from write stuff, a blog i found recently:
What would your life be like without the Internet?
in the present tense, without the internet, i could potentially be homeless. my day job is all about those bits of data flowing round the tubes. most of my freelance work also resides in this domain: website design, site hosting, writing for websites, and so on. so i depend on the intarweb just a little.

then there's all the personal stuff. the internet helps me get from point A to B, research new purchases, send money to my mom for free, plan trip destinations, read the news, calculate proper postage, enjoy art and music. i got that list merely from looking at my bookmark toolbar. on an even more personal level, without email, blogs and IM, i would laugh a hell of a lot less, and be woefully out of touch with my friends and loved ones. in fact, i am sure i would have barely any friends at all.

this leads to a question that was almost implied: what if the internet had never existed?

if the internet had never come to be, i think there's a very good chance that i would be a straight (or possibly bisexual) music industry professional somewhere in tennessee, or maybe L.A since i love the ocean too much to remain that landlocked.

the internet came into my life when i was at belmont. living in the dorms, falling in love with a girl for the first time...if i hadn't had the internet to start exploring these feelings, i probably would've taken a LOT longer to come into myself. spending time on places like alt.lesbian.feminist.poetry, isca, and most importantly, paradox, i was able to explore my sexuality and myself in a way that i was far, far too shy to do IRL. :-D in fact, i am still far more brazen in digital form than i probably ever will be in person, especially when it comes to flirting. and believe me, when prompted, i am incorrigible.

anyway, all of this talking online (in the days when graphics were a novelty) led me to my first real girlfriend. by the time we met, i was already in love with her. by the time we kissed, i knew i could never be with a guy again. well, i suppose i shouldn't say never, but suffice to say, it made a big ol' dyke outta me. the internet later led me to min, with whom i'll celebrate an 11-year anniversary in about 2 weeks.

in short, i really don't want to know what my life would be like without the internet. i'm sure i would read more books, and while that is appealing, the internet has enriched my life beyond measure, and i'm ever so grateful.


louisiana swamp rat said...

I'm with you, I don't want to know what my life would be like without the internet...too horrifying to think of!

Dharma said...

For those of us older than you, including my dear friend LSR, we came out before there was access to the wide world web. So it certainly is possible that you would have blossomed into the wonderful woman who loves women you are now. Yes, yes you would be different, as would I if lots of things were different.

Without the internet? I would watch more TV, read more, knit more. Although in reality I watch and surf, so I don't know.

heather said...

aww, thanks. =)

yea that's why i included the bi caveat. ;-) but you're probably right. even though, -net, it might have taken longer to hook up with a woman, once i sipped from that cup i'd still have become an addict.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Heather: GREAT post. Thanks for participating. I just posted my follow-up column and included a link to your discussion.