Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i wanna kick some butto

apparently one of the products here at work was recently renamed. in the interests of not pointing fingers (although i do love a good finger pointing session) by giving the Real Name, let's say the product was, in fact, one of these digit-friendly sessions. as one of many types of possible sessions available on the site, the name would then be:

Finger Pointing

and it would be listed under the available types of sessions. however, apparently someone decided to rename this session -- and only this session -- to:

Finger Pointing Sessions

you may be asking yourself why i care. the answer is, of course, because it is leading to shit grammar i am being asked to put up:
Finger Pointing Sessions is a low-cost way for you to scold others in the safety of your own hand.
obviously i changed the ending, but...Sessions is? Sessions IS??


is it really that hard to think through the ramifications of naming conventions? grammar? or at a minimum, public perception of what looks to be a mistake on one of our most widely used products? especially when you could've kept the original name, said 'Finger Pointing sessions are...' and no one would've noticed?

the worst part is that this is not the first time. i've seen errors like this more and more over the last year, and it really cheeses me. and not in my usual omg-cheese-i-want-to-have-your-baby kind of way. this is more like cheese that's been sitting in the fridge for a year. it's slimy, moldy and enough to make me ptoo.

not that i still care about words or anything.


wen said...

i feel your pain.

at least you know it's supposed to be 'finger pointing sessions is'; consider that both your curse and your payment. :)

i often long for a magic marker, a handful of 'apostrophe erasers' and, well a job as the grammar police.

Dharma said...

LOL. Yes I agree naming conventions should consider simple things like, oh, I don't know, grammar, sentence structure.

You've read Eat Shoots and Leaves, right?

heather said...

no, i've heard that's a good book. i keep forgetting about it, thanks for the reminder. =)

gs said...

ES&L isn't a good book. It's a terrific book. However, for the record, it's about punctuation, not grammer.