Friday, May 18, 2007

the not-so daily grind

in my morning random bloggy adventures i found this:

these results don't really surprise me at all. i need it sometimes, but on the whole, i usually go without it. however, i know there are heavier coffee drinkers in my readership so i'm hoping some of you will be tempted to take the quiz. i want to see how addicted YOU are. :-D

in other news, i'm glad i came across an interesting quiz to post, because the rest of my life... it's getting better, but this week's been brutal. i'm glad the weekend is upon us, because i need a respite.

and a very merry weekend to you!


cvc said...

Well, I scored 67%, but this is terribly skewed and inaccurate because a)I'm currently on decaf (I know, I know...) because of the nursing thing and b) because it's decaf -- and therefore wholly a flavor-ish thing, I'm drinking a whole lot less!

Plus, results are a tad off because we home roast (answered yes here), but I'm not enjoying any of that because that's all caffeinated!

You only scored 37%??? Oy vey.

heather said...

decaf! how very sad. but at least you can have that right now, i guess.

i'm sure if i take this quiz again in a year or two, my addiction quotient will be much higher. i'm definitely trending up where consumption is concerned. :-p

Dharma said...

I scored 58%. I would like to roast my own beans someday. Maybe if I move to Oh, I will finally start, getting my beans from Sweet Maria's in Emeryville. {sigh}