Friday, January 06, 2006

the art of conversation (with dad)

talked to my dad tonight. in person, even. his voice was a bit more slurred than usual but he was definitely more upbeat and coherent than when i last saw him a couple days ago.

they found out that he really did just have a hemmorhage, not the stroke version. which is good. as of yesterday he was still having a very minor amount of bleeding. adjusting his coumadin so that the bleeding should slow.

today they did an EEG to verify he's not having seizures. apparently they suspect he is having petit mal seizures because he keeps staring off for a few seconds, sometimes mid-sentence. oh AND he passed out while making his way back to the bed post-EEG. nice work. for that they theorize a blood pressure med problem. blood pressure had been too high, and apparently they doubled the dosage yesterday. yeah, do you really want to immediately double something like that? i would think small steps. but what do i know?

anyway, that's the dad report for now!

in other news, i'm finally freaking moving to web dev! i know it's not to the team i expected (are there countries besides china?), but that's ok - learning is good. i'm just very happy to be moving on. i need a change. oh and to get reaquainted with my former level of geekhood.

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wen said...

glad it's not a worse scenario!! good vibes to your whole family. :)