Thursday, January 05, 2006

why am i awake?

The True Hollywood Quiz

a. because the bed was shaking and i hear min gasping hysterically in what i assume is crying. i ask, 'what's wrong?!' and of course the answer is that she's laughing listening to conan o'brien learning that sometimes, anteaters need Male Enhancement too.
b. i had to pee.
c. i got all kinds of songs stuck in my head.
d. i kept thinking about the previous day's events.
e. nausea and ultimately hunger pangs were my unwilling companions.
f. all of the above.
g. other

feel free to submit ideas for G. there's always a chance i'm forgetting something.


wen said...

i vote for "f" because then at lease one of the answers i chose is correct. :)

oh and for "g": how about "i was staying up in anticipation of this morning's earthquake."

heather said...

earthquake? i looked and saw one for felton area - but just a 3.0. did you feel it?