Friday, January 20, 2006

MUNIpulation or inadvertent happy pill?

so there's This Thing i want to do next month, but my ability to attend is dependent on a couple of things. one of those things includes softening some of the emotional roadblocks that will likely arise should This Thing actually look like a reality.

a few days ago, when my thoughts drifted toward This Thing for the billionth time that day, i randomly thought: oh! i should =insert behavioral adjustment here= and i bet that will help out a LOT with those emotional roadthingies. plus, it just makes good business sense.

i figured that would be the end of it. because i will let you in on a secret that those uber-close to me already know: i am crap when it comes to implementing a plan that involves me making behavioral changes. oh i mean well and all - i just forget.

anyway, yesterday i found myself doing =behavioral adjustment= more than once. and enjoying it (that particular instance was very silly). OMG! suddenly i realized a) i hadn't done that in quite some time unless you included b) THE LAST FEW DAYS.

what?!? am i actually capable of emotionally manipulating myself via my subconscious? and subsequently, others? the thought that this could be true is tripping me out.

that said, i'm ok with any dichotomy that might arise resulting from this. because the end result is that everyone seems a smidge happier (including me). and since that's been hard to come by lately, i really don't give ashita. i'll take the happy where i can get it.


wen said...

Ah, I love it. Someone else who is able to post articulate-but-vague information about potentially life-changing events. Excellent. Would you like to join me as co-Queen of De Nial?

heather said...

yes! and we shall reign in angst and ambiguity. and butterflies will dance around us in confusion.

Liz said...

Yeah, huh?