Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the big daddio! and more webdev

i'll be seeing my dad in a little bit here (and i've seen him lots since my last post), but i just talked to my mom and:

- his hemmorhage has decreased significantly in size
- no more bleeding, either!
- headaches a bit better, but apparently that will take another week to get better
- still working on getting his blood back to appropriate thickness
- he may get out as early as tomorrow!

so, yay! i am sure my parents would love to have their anniversary together (it's sunday) so hopefully that will work out. and plus they can get back on zee road up to orygone! i'm glad they've had our little waystation here of course, but i think their cat fiona is getting preeeetty tired of camping out in the guest bedroom.

in other news, i spent most of today in meetings, most of which were about this move to web dev. they still haven't sorted this out 100% (is it happening at all? which team are we sending you to?), but that's not stopping them from sending us to training the next week and a half. ok, fine. if i don't really move there, what'd you do, increase my geek quotient? fine by me. altho, i would be very bummed if the move doesn't happen. so it better happen.

i said it better!
ok bye :-)


Rich said...

Hey Heather!! I dont know ya, but I like ya!! I have read your blog 'cuz I read the blogs of Andrea and Liz, and I just kind of followed the link to this blog. Hey!! I will say a prayer for your father as it is clear that he needs one. Please do me a favor in return and say a prayer for me. I do not know what the future holds, but I know that with people like you on my side I cannot loose!

Jenn!e said...

Hi Heather, I'm sending up good thoughts for your dad and for them to get on that Golden State Freeway and make it up to Orygun (where the Men of Steel are found).

And hey, the training definitely sounds like it would raise your geek quota significantly--win-win!