Tuesday, January 03, 2006

mother knows best

today my mom insisted that my dad get a CAT scan. after that, he started up with chuck again (he just doesn't know when to say goodbye). woo.

as my mom said, "they didn't find a cat", but they did find evidence of a "brain hemmorrhage", which after reading on the internets, i found out in this case is really a hemorrhagic stroke. so to that i have to say: go mom, for predicting the stroke.

also the internets has freaked me out a bit because i don't know which kind of HS it really was, and apparently one type has a higher mortality than the other. i do know that most of the hemmorrhage is outside the brain. but if i remember right (getting late for me), some of it is seeping in.

i don't know if it's getting better or worse yet. i do know that they are doing both an MRI and MRA (which i hadn't heard of, but is specifically for blood vessels) tomorrow.

i also know that my mom "has been waiting for this to happen" -- apparently doctors have been telling her for years that because of his myriad conditions (i've seen the list; he has 14 items on his list of diagnoses), this kind of thing was an eventuality. not that the whole thing is any less freaky to my mom, now that it's happening. and a little to me (more later i'm sure; i'm always on tape delay).

anyway...i should go to bed. i do appreciate all the good energy you guys are sending along...thank you so much. hopefully i'll have more encouraging news tomorrow.


Jenn!e said...

Hoo! That is big news. Oy.

I have to say, Step away from the Internet. It never seems to help with this sort of thing except to upset people. And we don't want chuck to come up anywhere. Got it?

heather said...

well the only exception to that is NUTS. in this case the internet serves up lots of goodness.

oh and best verification word ever: hpsuk

cuz it does, you know.

Liz said...

Dear Jesus,
Please join us now in sending healing vibes to Heather's Dad.