Thursday, January 19, 2006

the results (theoretically) are in

i am, in fact, moving to webdev. i just came back from what is hopefully the last meeting i ever have to attend regarding my prospective defection. i'm supposed to officially move at the end of the month, and get some more (hopefully better) training between now and then as part of the transition.

and when that transition is complete i will light a candle for love and sing praises at the altar of the coding goddesses. and those goddesses? they will smile on me, because i am just a badass at the keyboard.


snarfdog said...

See what happens when you burst those energy cysts? It frees the universe to open doors through which you will walk with the light of your candle.

heather said...

omg you're right! i must get some more sacral-cranial work done immediately. excuse me.