Friday, January 27, 2006

a thing i stoleth

from LEER Jet Wen
  1. Are you girly?: I would like to think I'm not. I certainly don't think of myself as such.
  2. Do you like bi girls?: I like all girls. (This answer is too perfect to change)
  3. Are you a good kisser?: that's what i hear!
  4. Whats your favorite thing about girls?: The unmentionables. And just how much more i love being around them than (most) guys. So I guess...the way they think, talk, and are. At least, the ones that I choose to be around, hah.
  5. Least fav. thing about girls? I'll go with wen and say PMS. But also, the incredible ability to discuss a topic to death. And then resurrect it for further dissection. Bonus if the topic has high emotional quotient.
  6. Do you play softball?: Nope.
  7. Which would you prefer..beach...bball...or movie?: SO the beach. i would live at the oceanside if i could afford it.
  8. Do you like to make the first move?: I guess it depends. Online, absolutely. Offline, I'm probably too shy to be that bold.
  9. How many times have you been asked "how do 2 girls have sex"?: Less than 10
  10. How many times have you been asked "are you the girl or guy in the relationship"?: Same, less than 10.
  11. Do your parents know?: Oh yes. Came out to them with much (usual, I'm sure) angst on all sides. But all is well in that department, now.
  12. Coke or Dr. Pepper? Currently, Dr. P. But really the soda du jour is root beer.
  13. Nike...adidas...kswiss...puma?: whatever i think looks good.
  14. Have you ever proposed to your girlfriend?: yup! proposed to min after our 3rd day together (irl; had known each other online for over a year)
  15. Have you ever been cheated on?: nope
  16. Have you ever cheated on one of your gf's?: i liked keri's answer. emotionally, yes. physically, absolutely not. tho that distinction is of questionable lauding.
    update: i forgot, i did make out once with another girl, while i was still with my ex. whoops. guess that's why she became an ex. :-p
  17. Whats your favorite color?: greens and burgandies
  18. Do you do any drugs or drink?: only as prescribed by a doctor
  19. Do you have any piercings??: only as prescribed by a doctor. ok really, i have pierced ears that haven't seen a piercing in several years
  20. Any tattoos?: no, and probably i never will.

if interested feel free to steal this would-be-meme for yourself. :-) lemme know if you do and i'll come visit yours!

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