Tuesday, January 24, 2006

a brief summary

i just realized it's been a few weeks since i had a general type of update. rather than kvetching or just being silly (or both). so:
  • my parents are still here. they are making noises about leaving within a week. we shall see.
  • my dad is not up to his usual par (a relative term) yet. over the last 96 hours or so i think he's spent 10 of those hours awake. is that excitement or what?
  • min's still having a pretty tough time. more attacks, acid, pain, etc than usual the last couple of weeks. i am pretty sure she is trying to do too much since my parents are here, but at the same time i know she's glad for their company. makes it kind of tricky
  • i am really really really really really really happy i moved to web dev. i know i haven't done any "work" yet, but i am just so happy to be doing something different that i can't even tell you.
  • ok i think that's it for now.
  • love you too!
  • bye!

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