Monday, June 12, 2006

another weekend update

believe it or not, we went out TWO, count 'em, TWO days in a row this weekend. and that second day of adventuring took us once again to san leandro and to another yard sale we heard about on ba-s.

sunday's, i have to say, was incredibly lame compared to saturday. for the record, there were very few cheap deals overall, an embarrasing amount of baseball cards, the "SEALED BUNDLE" of pride parade programs was not sealed (and sitting on the grass), and finally, the "MUCH, MUCH MORE!", i believe, consisted of 2 of the dykes yelling randomly at the top of their lungs.

that said, we did get a billion printer-friendly cd labels (and bonus cassette and 3.5 floppy labels!) and certificates for a good price. also min got a couple pieces of queer jewelry including some adorable earrings. i used to be tempted by cute/cool jewelry but oh, 7 or 8 years ago i realized it was a waste of money. because i just don't remember to put it on! i have a ring, a watch, and i only remember to put on the watch 75% of the time. technically i still have hordes of jewelry, it's just all collecting dust...

anyway, after that we went to lunch to a new (to us) place in berkeley, bette's diner. not being horribly familiar with berkeley, i had no idea it was located in the midst of the yuppie mecca that is the 4th street shopping district. suffice to say it didn't take us long to spend some money on a variety of home goods. but first we ate, and i have to say, even tho i had a simple ham sandwich, it was awfully damn tasty. and the dessert (cheesecake brownie) min ordered was aMAZing. we will definitely be going there again.

most of this week i'm spending in training. today is ClearWaste (for unix, instead of windows) and i have to say, it's living up to its name quite nicely. i wouldn't have bothered with more training but i've come to realize there's some environment setup changes (webdev vs content) that i really need. tho today has been mostly boring, it's nice to get out of a bunch of meetings and be free of potential manager hoverees. which is why i can bring you this post today. ;-)

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