Friday, June 02, 2006

it's not just me

sometimes work is really complicated. i have a spec that involves quite a bit of css changes and was advised to go to the local guru for prototyping. that all went fine and has been very educational. then when i went to insert that into the rest of our code… didn't work quite right.

so being the self-motivated, independent (aka stubborn) person that i am, i tried to fix it myself. and i got it working (yay me!) but not without a lot of changes. so, page 1 down. then i went to page 2. fuck. i could only get 75% of it working. so i called in the guru. and damn if he wasn't just as puzzled as me and has spent several hours with me (over 2 days) trying to make things right.

he got things 95% working but not without removing a lot of the existing code… which i will have to put back. so i'm not done solving this, but at least i know it's not just me being dumb. score one for non-incompetency! a good sentiment for ending a very annoying workweek.

update: i figured out the problem. all. by. myself. GO ME.

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snarfdog said...

Yay! You outdid the guru. Go you!