Wednesday, June 14, 2006

not concentrating & what to do about it

so i can't talk about issue A. maybe someday. technically it has nothing to do with me, but it's still killing me inside.

issue B - turned out for the most part to be a misunderstanding, thankfully. not that that made the actual argument any easier. let's just say that min and i realized that if we're starting to fight on IM, to stop. and wait to finish until we can talk on phone or in person. it's just too easy to misunderstand.

rocket science eh? i know.

issue C is my parents. in short, things are going absolutely horribly for them up in oregon. they are probably going move back to arizona, but that in itself will take a lot of finagling. i can't help them anymore (since we don't have min's disability income), which depending on how you look at it, could be good or bad. i have a history of helping them too much. as do many other peoples. they sure raised me to be a good little codependent.

in any case, all i can do is fret. i am trying not to, but they ARE my parents. so it sucks.

so what to do about A/B/C? the answer is obvious: distract yourself. i already had plans to go roller skating tonight, and the timing couldn't have been better. i skated for almost two hours straight (barring a couple water stops, and 2 falling-down stops). thus, it is only now, 2 hours later, that i'm finally not feeling like jello.

it felt really good to be out there. i hadn't skated since i was oh, 13? but i used to skate like a bandit. it took me a while to feel comfortable enough to do crossovers. and they still sucked, but i was happy i got that far. i was enjoying the music so much that even though i knew i needed to stop, when def leppard came on, i just couldn't leave the floor. 3/4 thru the song tho, i had to give up. pouring tons of sugar on me would not have helped one iota, but it was fun to have the flasback.

i hope that today(!) is better than yesterday, emotionally and learning-wise (class was soooo boring, but taught by this guy's cousin so i was periodically amused). ok, off to sleep.

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