Saturday, June 17, 2006

it's (almost) all greek to me

i had an unexpected but quite pleasant thing happen this afternoon. i sat down preparing to do some freelance work - writing even! - and got my monthly popup reminder to check my website stats. usually i ignore that but today being a lazy - or if i want to feel writerly, languid - day, i went ahead.

one thing the webstats show is how people got to my site. lo and behold one of the referrer entries was for a greek page on lesbian writers, run by the greek sapphites.

it seems especially trippy because for the most part, i don't think of myself as a Lesbian Writer, or even a writer. in the past, maybe. which i guess is apropos since the actual Lesbian Writing i did was in 1998.

but still...apparently even the lesbian *internet* is small. wow.

1 comment:

wen said...

Hey heather, you still there, or did you run off to the Greek Isle of Lesbos? Hee hee.