Wednesday, June 28, 2006

it's a good thing

i have this ritual of getting up each morning (at least weekdays) and getting on here to ye olde internet. reading my mail, blogs. because i'll tell you what, it gives me perspective. it lets me know i am not alone in my desperation, that there really is more to this world than My Little World, and if nothing else, helps me shake off my dreamtime.

lately the dreamtime has not been so good to me. it has been full of disturbing images both grotesque and lovely.

oh and if i am lucky, i get a few funny emails too, to give me a giggle.

anyway the dreams - so i get up thinking i should blog about the annoying/beautiful/whatever tricks my mind has played on me during the night, and by the end of my Internet browsing, most of that has been pushed aside. and in my judgment, this is all for the best. methinks i muse too much, sometimes.


wen said...

4 people I talked to today (and me, too!) have brought up, unsolicited, the fact that they had very weird dreams last night. Hmmm.

In other news, I tried to post a comment on your last post and blogger ate it. I'll rewrite it at some point--it was kinda long!

heather said...

hah. yeah last night was better (for me) and i'm very grateful.

sorry to hear bout your other post. sometimes technology is dumb.